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Understanding HotSpot JVM Performance with JITWatch

JavaZone Conference, Oslo, Norway, 2016-09-07

Learn about the Just In Time (JIT) optimisations made by the HotSpot JVM to dynamically optimise the performance of your code at runtime.

Learn about using the free and open-source JITWatch tool to analyse the JIT compiler decisions made by the JVM during the execution of your program.

Discover which of your methods were inlined, which allocations were eliminate through escape analysis, and identify safepoint poll points in your code.

A Very Brief Introduction to HotSpot with JITWatch

London Java Community, St. Luke's Community Centre, London, 2016-07-12

7 minute !!! Lightning talk the London Java Community 2016 Unparty. Introduced bytecode, dynamic compilation, code cache. Gave an inlining example.

Understanding HotSpot JVM Performance with JITWatch

London Java Community, Canary Wharf, London, 2015-11-10

Presentation for the London Java Community (Docklands). Examined escape analysis, inlining, intrinsics.

JITWatch by Example

JCrete 2015, Crete, 2015-07-21

Discussion and livecoding examples of HotSpot's Escape Analysis, heap elimination, lock elision and coarsening, inlining.

Understanding JIT Compilation with JITWatch part 3

Java Magazine, Mar/Apr 2015 Edition

JITWatch article written for Java magazine. Examines inlining in the case of megamorphic dispatch.

London Java Community Annual Conference 2014

London Java Community, IBM Building, London, 2014-11-29

JITWatch presentation given at the London Java Community annual conference.

JavaOne 2014 - Understanding Just In Time Compilation with JITWatch

JavaOne Conference, San Francisco, 2014-09-29

Presentation given at JavaOne 2014 with Ben Evans.

Understanding JIT Compilation with JITWatch part 2

Java Magazine, Sep/Oct 2014 Edition

Part 2 of the JITWatch series for Java Magazine. Co-written with Ben Evans.

Understanding HotSpot Logs

JCrete 2014, Crete, 2013-08-28

Presentation on the behaviour of HotSpot's C1/C2 JIT compilers along with the visualization tool JITWatch.
The discussion then opened up to JIT and performance related questions and answers.
Heinz Kabutz showed an example program which OOM'd under Java 7 but not under Java 8 due to JIT behaviours.

HotSpot Profiling with JITWatch

Skills Matter, London, 2014-04-16

Presentation given for the London Java Community at Skills Matter.

Understanding HotSpot Logs

JCrete 2013, Crete, 2013-08-22

My first talk on JITWatch at the JCrete 2013 conference. At this stage I had only learnt about the C1 compiler and the tool was very primitive.
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