In 7u11 in response to the latest zeroday hole in the applet sandbox, Oracle took the decision to display a warning popup on all unsigned or self-signed applets. This is really bad news for us and our 3 million (yes really) applet users as our previous applet loader used a single unsigned class to bootstrap a signed jar so now I have to rewrite the loader.
I ripped out the single loader class and decided to use the latest deployJava.js which works nicely starting the applet when Java 7u11 is already installed but testing it when Java is not installed I get the following behaviour:
Windows XP SP3 Firefox 18 : Installer runs but page refreshes in background every second (looks terrible) and when the installer completes the page shows a grey box with "A plugin is needed". Refreshing or restarting the browser fixes this but why does it refresh when not needed and then fail to refresh the one time it is needed?
Windows XP SP3 Chrome 24.0.1312.52m : Same problem as Firefox but error message is "Java is required to run this content". Refreshing fixes.
Windows XP SP3 Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 (latest): Same annoying 1 second refresh of the page in the background and finally get the message "Install failed" and redirect to an Oracle help page. Retried multiple times and made sure no remants of Java lying around.
Anyone else have problems with deployJava.js installing Java when no Java is present?
Have posted the question on the OTN forums here